What is a Panda Mother?

I’m a mother of two amazing little boys. Ethan is 14 months old as I start this blog, Maverick has just reached his fifth birthday. Earlier this month I decided to quit working and stay at home for multiple reasons: spend more time teaching Maverick one on one, bond more with Ethan, work on getting writing published, and save some money within our family (because I was basically working to pay for outrageous daycare costs). I’m a mother who celebrates the Western Culture of parenting: I praise my sons for every single improvement, no matter how small. I constantly encourage them with kind words. I make learning fun. I allow my older son to choose his extra curricular activities but I also do not let him stop anything just because he doesn’t “like” it. I expect perfection, but I don’t want them to know it. I expect perseverance and appreciation for the learning experience. Despite wanting the same outcome for my children as “the tiger mother”, I have completely different ideas on how to get there. I’m thepandamother: a teacher, nurse, detective, janitor, chef, conspirator, superheroine. These are my superkids:

Maverick, aspiring glam rock star.

Ethan, aspiring champion competitive eater.


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