Iced Coffee, Dollar General Shopping, and Baby Bobos


Kind of fuzzy but that really dark spot is where the flap of skin got liquid stitched.

Today and yesterday have been an incredible whirlwind of emotion for everyone in this house.

Yesterday, Ethan fell and got quite the knot on his head. No long term damage, but the resulting injury looked so bad that I brought him to the emergency room anyway. Luckily for Ethan, the bobo was on his forehead, which the ER physician told me was the toughest part of the skull. Also, apparently babies are engineered to handle falls from walking height. Thank God for intelligent design, amiright? A little liquid stitch on the broken skin and some prescription infant pain killer for the next couple of days to ease the headaches and WHAMMO, Ethan’s first concussion!

Today was also the first full-time school working hours paycheck we received of Michael’s, which was a whole other added stress. It’s the beginning of the month so of course rent is due, utility bills are due, we just paid car insurance at the end of January… needless to say, things are very tight right now. Michael has more of a problem with this than I do, because I know that as long as the roof over our head is paid for, and our electricity and water are working, and I have some food in the house, my family and I will be fine. I think he may be reconsidering our decision for me to stay home with the kids, but if they were still in daycare we’d be spending well over 300 a week in gas and daycare costs, which was only a couple hundred less than what I was making. Not to mention the gas for me to and from work, the cost of working in general, etc. I stick by our decision and know that the next few years of living in frugality will benefit us in the long run. Example: I used to spend 100 dollars at the grocery store, minimum, per week to feed a family of four ONE meal a day and three meals a day on the weekends. We never ate breakfast or lunch at home. NOW, I can spend 50 dollars a week at the grocery store and feed us ALL breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve been couponing, shopping sales, buying reduced meat specials, and making really big, filling meals out of next to nothing. For instance, two nights ago I found two very large chicken breasts in my freezer. In the pantry I had about a half pound of spaghetti noodles, a can of crushed tomatoes, a can of tomato sauce, and a jar of parmesan cheese. Always on hand I have flour, eggs, milk, vegetable oil. I made chicken parmesan and spaghetti for all four of us, double servings. I don’t have a cost calculator but I’d estimate about 1.50 per serving, honestly.

For Christmas a very dear friend of mine gave me a basket full of Community Coffee, another friend gave me a french press, and Michael trumped them all by giving me a keurig coffee maker. Keurig pods are EXPENSIVE, so while I use it for its convenience I’ve limited myself to one cup a day and have been cold brewing coffee for iced coffee using the french press and gifted coffee grinds. It’s very simple.


Place 1 cup of coffee grinds into french press.

Cover with water. Stir. Place press on top of pitcher. Let grinds sit overnight.

After about 12 hours slowly depress plunger and pour into a pitcher.

Pour desired amount over ice with splenda and splash of milk and you have iced coffee, for approximately 40 cents a glass! Beats commercial coffee chains ANY DAY.


Iced coffee (I don't like a lot of ice in it)



  1. cissyblue said,

    February 3, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    Hello darling Panda Mom! Your little Ethan, bless his heart, really should lay off the ice coffees… hehe, couldn’t resist… I guess I could say welcome to the world of little boys… he’s totally precious…

    Today I was driving back in from Austin, which is about 30 miles one way. I used to drive this commute round trip daily for years and I felt I paid quite a bit for gas just to work. Last night, when I stopped for gas, I first said $25.00 for the trip, then quickly realized that wouldn’t even put in 10 gallons. Somewhere around $33 and change, I got my 10 gallons, but I’m trying to block it out. I am so excited to read your blog, there are just so many great ideas presented so nicely. Thanks Panda Mom and I hope your Ethan heals up really fast!!! (hearts)

    • February 3, 2012 at 5:03 pm

      Haha! Maverick had some iced coffee today, about 1/8 coffee and the rest milk and ice. He didn’t like it, thankfully!! (I left out the sweetener to deter his little belly from enjoying it)

      Gas prices is pretty much what ate up all my income, I worked about 15 miles from work but the daycare was on the opposite side of town and when you drive an older Nissan Maxima i was spending at LEAST eighty a week on gas.

      • cissyblue said,

        February 3, 2012 at 5:09 pm

        All that driving… it’s no kind of life. With your talent and ideas… well, anything is possible these days! Keep up the good work!

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